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India Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) Application Service

Updated: May 13, 2023

Need Help with OCI Applications

What is a Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)

India Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) is a scheme that was introduced by the Indian government in 2005 to provide a hassle-free travel experience to people of Indian origin residing overseas. The OCI scheme was launched with the aim of strengthening the economic and cultural ties between India and its diaspora communities abroad. In this blog, we will discuss what OCI is, how to apply for it, and its benefits.

OCI is a multi-purpose, lifelong visa that allows foreign citizens of Indian origin to visit India without the need for a separate visa. OCI holders can enter and exit India multiple times, work in India, and study in India without the need for any additional documentation. They are also entitled to some benefits that are available to Indian citizens, such as access to health and education services.

Eligibility for OCI

To apply for OCI, one must meet certain eligibility criteria, such as being of Indian origin or being a spouse or child of a person of Indian origin. Applicants must also have a valid passport and be able to prove their Indian origin through documentation, such as birth certificates, school leaving certificates, or other relevant documents.

Benefits of an OCI

One of the main benefits of OCI is that it provides a hassle-free travel experience to India. OCI holders do not need to apply for separate visas every time they want to visit India, which can save time and money. Additionally, OCI holders can work and study in India without the need for any additional documentation, which can be beneficial for those who want to establish their careers in India.

In conclusion, the OCI scheme is a great initiative by the Indian government that benefits people of Indian origin residing overseas. It provides a hassle-free travel experience to India, allows OCI holders to work and study in India, and strengthens the cultural and economic ties between India and its diaspora communities abroad. If you are eligible for OCI, it is definitely worth considering as it can make your travel and stay in India much easier and more convenient.

How to apply for a OCI

The application process for OCI involves filling out an online application form, uploading the required documents, arranging a appointment to your nearest application centre for checking of documents and paying the application fee. After the application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Indian authorities, and if everything is in order, the applicant will be granted OCI status. How ever the process is not as simply as it seems. With so many different conditions that can involved for a OCI application it can be difficult to know if you have the right documentation or not.

Once the application is submitted, there is a wait of uisually 6-12weeks dependent on how busy the embassy is. Once granted the OCI booklet will be delivered by courier to your prefered address.

BM Travel OCI Service

We provide a service for applying for a OCI.

We will precheck documents to make sure you are eligible for a OCI application, advise on documents needed to create your application and up load necessary documents in the correct format and also book you an appointment for submission.

Please note you have submit your application yourself no one else can submit the application on your behalf unless they are family with written authority.

We charge £70.00 for this service, we will provide you with the full documents to take with you for submission.

Please contact us for more more information WhatsApp on 01582 808430.

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