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Documents Required

  • UK Passport Valid for minimum six months with at least 2 blank pages.

  • Photographs 2 recent identical colour photos on a white background - 50mm x 50mm (This is not the regular passport size).

  • Completed Application Form.

  • Declaration Form.

  • We will also assist in filling in the forms and additional paperwork.

  • The Evisa have a different requirement please call us for up to date details

Other Information Required.

On your application form:

  • It must be signed twice (under the photograph, and at the bottom of the form)

  • The details of your hotel is acceptable for the Indian reference. Please note that you must include post codes and telephone numbers.

  • Do not choose to pay and make an appointment. Just complete online and print (and sign twice)

  • Children under 16 are required to produce the following extra documents: copy of full birth certificate, copy of both parents passport information pages, a copy of any Indian visa held by either parent, an original consent letter signed by both parents.

  • UK applicants with Indian origin: Under Indian law, Persons of Indian Origin who have acquired foreign Nationality are required to surrender their Indian passports to the nearest Indian Mission/Post immediately after acquisition of foreign citizenship. This must occur before applying for a visa. A copy of the surrender certificate must be produced along with the documents above to apply.

  • UK applicants with Pakistan origin: are requested to apply directly to the embassy.

  • UK applicants of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Somalia and Sri Lankan origin: will be referred and take longer to process (up to 3 months). The embassy will hold the passport and may charge extra fees as well as requesting extra documentation.


Overseas Citizens of India (OCI)
We can assist you in applying for OCI's cards or converting your PIO to OCI and any miscellaneous changes. We will check and fill the application forms and obtain a appointment for you to submit your application. Our charge for this service is £70.00

Click Here for more information on OCI application

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